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Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Choosing Outdoor Furniture


Hands up who is excited for summer? Dec 1st been and gone - marking the start to the warmer months - and we’re dreaming of the long lunches and cold drinks ahead.  It’s also the right time of year to be investing in quality outdoor furniture, allowing for plenty of room for friends and family on those warm summer evenings. 

What is the best material for outdoor patio furniture?

Outdoor furniture varies dramatically in materials, quality and cost. When choosing outdoor patio furniture it’s important to weigh up lots of factors. The durability and lifetime of a product will vary depending on what it’s made out of, the climate it’s being exposed to, and care throughout the year. Steel, aluminium and other metal materials are some of the most popular contemporary patio furniture materials. Powdercoated steel and aluminium are highly durable and can withstand many weather conditions. Steel and aluminium are both beautiful, stable materials that are suitable for many weather conditions. Aluminium is lightweight, making rearranging your outdoor set-up easy and practical. Steel is sturdy and stable, ensuring it’ll last for years to come. Wood, in varying styles, is a great option for a more natural look. Woods vary in terms of durability, however hardwoods, such as Vitex, are dense, practical and can stand up to all weather conditions. For a modern, contemporary feel, opt for cement or for pops of colour you could choose plastic or synthetic resin products. These are easy to clean and stylish, but often not as durable as metal or wood items.

All materials can be softened through the use of upholstered cushions and furnishings in colours that match your overall home aesthetic.  

What decisions should impact how you choose outdoor furniture?

When choosing outdoor pieces, you’ll want to consider material, aesthetic and cost. Before you choose your furniture, weigh up the weather conditions it will be exposed to. Is your deck covered or uncovered? Are you costal? Do you need heavy-duty items that won’t blow away in the wind? Understand the strengths of each material option, and choose based on aesthetic and durability.


Choose items that is a visual extension of your home aesthetic. You can create seamless indoor, outdoor flow by choosing items that complement your existing home choices. You’ll also want to make sure there’s plenty of room for friends and family, if your entertaining space allows it.

Finally, your budget will be one of your top considerations when choosing a furniture item. An outdoor dining table is not something you want to replace every summer, so consider purchasing a high-quality piece which will be a better investment in the long run. 


Is aluminium or steel a better option for outdoor furniture?

Aluminium and steel both offer different pros and cons for outdoor furniture. Aluminium is lightweight and requires little maintenance, however means that it is more susceptible to windy conditions. Steel is a heavier material, making it stable and extremely durable. When opting for steel, it’s important to choose steel that is either powdercoated, galvanised or stainless to avoid corrosion, rusting and oxidation. When powdercoated, steel furniture such as our Westport Outdoor Table will be protected against corrosion, ensuring good looks for many years.   


Our Westport Outdoor Table features a heavy-duty Vitex top upon a powdercoated steel frame. It’s generous size allowed you to comfortably seat up to 12 guests. For more information and to shop today, check out the product page here.